What readers say about The Struggle of Love… 

I have not been this intrigued to read a book or novel since I was in college.  I majored in Journalism, therefore my major required hours of research, reading and writing.  I think I could have set a world record on how fast I read The Struggle of Love. It was a fast read and I want to read it again! Your book is a gift!  It will heal, protect and entertain millions worldwide!  M.W. –San Francisco, CA


This book retained my undivided attention from the introduction to the final acknowledgements. Many of the scenarios in the book are indicative of actual events that I can relate to and others are those in which I was totally blown away! The content gave me laughter, brought me to tears and provided many other emotions in between. C.M.-Union, SC

A definite page turner, S.D. Johnson kept it real from beginning to end. This book is full of emotion and lessons to be learned. I could relate in a few situations from her experiences in the book. The story of her love life seems to pull you in and make you feel as if you were there. S.S.-Virginia Beach, VA

If you have ever made a mistake in love or chosen the wrong person you will have a certain amount of empathy for this author. Insecurity and low self-esteem led to a relationship that almost destroyed her and her three girls. Definitely not your typical love story. F. M.- Spartanburg, SC

With honesty and passion, this book communicates a powerful story of a true testament of a woman’s loyalty to a man who was so wrong for her. This book will leave the reader wanting more. C M.-
Bronx, NY


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