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My daughter is in Haiti

My oldest daughter was sent to Haiti two days after the earthquake.  She and her husband are in the military.  They have three little boys ages 2, 6 and 8.  Life as an enlisted couple has become increasingly difficult for them. 

She was in tears when she called me to break the news.  Although sympathetic to the victims in Haiti, she was particularly upset about leaving her family to go into such a dangerous situation.  She was concerned about her safety and her desire to return alive and well to her children.  As I listened to my daughter, tears began to roll down my face because I sincerely felt her pain.  I prayed a silent prayer, while we were both sobbing, and asked God to give me words of comfort for her.  He answered my prayer and I was able to calm her down and turn the conversation around.  Afterwards, she told me that she loved me and thanked me for being there.  I was relieved.  When we don’t know what to say, God will be put the right words in our mouth.

My daughter has been in Haiti for three weeks now and problems started as soon as she left.  Her husband was immediately overwhelmed with the care and attention needed for three young boys. His regular schedule was impacted by the need to get the children from child care and school at different times every day.  In addition, the kids started misbehaving in school; which was unusual for my grandsons.  One day, the oldest child burst into tears because he could not understand why his mother had to go where so many people were dying.  His Dad explained she was there to help them and she would be home again soon.  But he continued to act up in school.

I called the children often to reassure them of their mother’s safety and return.  I told them that they could help her by behaving in school and making good grades while she was gone.  I promised them I would write and let her know how good they had been.  The next day, the oldest son received a good report from his teacher. His mother called to let him know how proud she was of her boys and that she hoped to be home soon.

Fortunately for everyone this entire episode should end very soon.  My daughter is expected to come home within the next two weeks and hopefully, Haiti will be a little better because of the sacrifice she made.


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