Monday night at the Shelter

Monday night at the shelter was so touching. I really enjoyed sharing my story of abuse with the new ladies in transition. The beauty of it all is the women there related to each other’s situation. They understood there is no shame in what you have been through. You can let your hair down at “YOU TOO” meetings and share your story. When one resident in the meeting took the floor and revealed her abuse and suffering every woman listening felt her pain. I was speechless; just when you think you’ve got it bad someone else has it worse. But it is all under the same dark cloud of abuse.

Seeking professional help was the best remedy for me. It gave me hope and I learned the difference between love and lust. I also learned how to love myself. I accepted the reality that I was powerless to change my abuser; he had to change himself. After meeting with my Mental Health physician weekly I learned how to reach out to people and ask for help. It was ok to talk abut the pain caused by the abuser because I had done nothing wrong. Certainly, I made bad choices in life, but nothing justifies abuse. My abuser always made me feel guilty – he made me the bad guy. He also mentally abused my daughters to the point that I thought they would never overcome such issues.

I have made amends with my three daughters. I let them know I love them and asked for their forgiveness. I have explained and they understand that during that low point in my life I was a very sick woman. I was forced to look back to my childhood again to find out why I was so attracted to an abusive man. If I can understand and overcome that destructive time in my life others can also. It is worth the time, pain and effort to gain a new life with renewed dreams.



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5 responses to “Monday night at the Shelter

  1. Tori Neal

    Wow!!!!! may the Lord continue to bless you in your endeavers…. Good luck with the book… Can’t wait.

  2. M.L.Sellers

    I am so proud of you and the service you are doing. Women are hurting everyday and need to knoow that they are not alone. I salute you and know that you have become one of my motivators. Keep the good work up!!!!!!

  3. Betty G. McFadden

    May the Lord continue to help you tell your story, for it’s so encouraging to others. You are a healing balm for hurt and battered women. I am so proud of you!

  4. Betty G. McFadden

    By the way, all your work is so professional! I am so proud you!



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