Meet Sharon D. Johnson

Imagine a mother leaving her two year old daughter in the front yard frightened and lone, only to return years later. In the interim, the child’s Dad, notorious in his own right, becomes the responsible parent. This was the beginning of life for me, Sharon D. Johnson. Needless to say, I grew up fast. I dropped out of school and became a mother at age thirteen. 

Fast forward ten years and I was a single mother with three beautiful little girls. But with limited resources and no place to live, I ended up at the home of mother that abandoned me. I was young, homeless with nowhere else to go. One day I went to work and left my girls with my mother, only to return home and find them sitting on the front porch in the cold because she had locked them out of the house. From there I found my way to the local Family Shelter. 

Time spent at the shelter had a profound impact on my life. I learned how to survive on my own. I appreciated the safe haven the shelter provided women with children like me. 

Fast forward again twenty years to the new mature, successful Sharon D. Johnson; published author, business owner and friend to women in transition. I am founder of YOU TOO, a support group for abused women living in shelters. We meet weekly and discuss topics such ending domestic abuse; moving forward after the breakup and living an independent life. 

It wasn’t easy, but I moved on with my life but not without many mistakes and regrets. I know that I am not alone. Many women have outgrown partners or simply refused to take abuse anymore. We have proven that it can be done and we can live to tell the story. We can inspire others to do the same. That’s my story – I would love to hear yours.



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3 responses to “Meet Sharon D. Johnson

  1. M.L.Sellers

    Sharon you know I’m feeling you. For a long time I was the person you looked up to. I thought I was a lot older than you then. For some reason you felt you had to be with me. I taught you your first grownup song. I introduced you to a lot of positive things in life. I was the first one to know when you was pregnant at 13. I was angry with you but I was there for you. I even named her. Saying all this to say at one point I was your idol, your mentor but now I’m looking up to you and learning so much from you. You have stirred up the gift in me (my writing). Keep it up-I am so proud of you

  2. Betty G. McFadden

    I am a older than you, but I have always been that listening ear for you. I appreciate the respect you have always given to me. We are cousins raised as sisters. I often felt that I was the older sister that you never had. I was so touched when I asked to go with you around the holidays to an engagement that you were the guest speaker. You made me so proud. I was so moved and won’t ever forget it. As I see all your accomplishments, I am so proud of you. When I received the book, as I rode the train to Baltimore, it was read thoroughly. I really enjoyed it and was so moved by its content. Rather than hear about a thing, it is so good to get first hand knowledge. I was so impressed with the book, “The Struggle of Love,” that I shared it with some of people on the train. I am still giving out the information on your book. My encouragement to you is, “keep on doing the good work that has begun in you!” For others need to hear your story. LOVE YOU!

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